Putting the technology in form and the aesthetics in function.
Innovation rooted in experience.

Designing form without ever losing sight of function. Here at Breda Tecnologie, the design and manufacture of our products – namely decorative panels, composite panels and items of furniture – is guided by this principle as we constantly strive to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic innovation and reliability, drawing on our parent group’s fifty-plus years of experience in the industry. We recognize the importance of keeping a finger on the market’s pulse and this can be seen in our search for materials that push the boundaries of design and, at the same time, are sustainable. Breda Tecnologie’s range can be divided into three product families:

Decorative Panels, made using a number of materials, which are moulded into components for the furniture industry.

Composite Panels, made by bonding together different materials, these panels cater to many different applications.

Design Collection, finished furnishings, produced through collaboration with designers and dealing directly with the most prestigious Italian and international furniture brands.

Staying ahead of the curve in meeting ever-changing consumer tastes, exploring new style worlds, coming up with answers to tomorrow’s trends today and, at the same time, identifying solutions offering technically superior performance. This is what Breda Tecnologie does best, pursuing an integrated, advanced, proactive approach that aims to cater to the demands of the customer, introducing them to new opportunities.

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